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Give your referral leads every advantage.  Enroll them into “YOUR” Jumpstart program and watch your leads convert into clients.  When most agents receive a lead, it is dead within days without careful attention.  How do you nurture all of your leads while being able to attend closer to the ones that will blossom into a closing? The answer is right in front of you with the Jumpstart.  Elegant emails appearing to come from you show attention, credibility, and quality.

These emails are designed to convert leads to clients within 1 month and give you great talking points.  After this, the leads will still get occasional event and holiday greetings making them a potential client not just now but in the future.  Leads utilizing your jumpstart will convert with less effort, will be better prepared for the process, and will have a reduced sales cycle time.  The advantage is not just for your leads – it is for you!